The Mary Eileen and Roderick F. Condon, II Scholarship

The Mary E. and Roderick F. Condon II Scholarship is for the exclusive purpose of assisting individuals to further their studies in the Fine Arts (including but not limited to drawing, painting, graphic arts, ceramics, sculpture, fashion design, and set design). Students must be residents of Montgomery County and plan to attend school full-time. A portfolio of six images must be submitted. An additional essay is required.

Up to $3,000
Montgomery County
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a portfolio of six images of your original artwork. The images should include the following: 1) Your favorite piece ever - and a brief explanation of why; 2) A work with which you are not satisfied - and a brief explanation of why; 3) A piece that shows finished work, preferably something that has been submitted for external review – if graphic art then a t-shirt design or layout from the yearbook; 4) A spontaneous work; 5) Free Choice; 6) Free Choice. The medium/media used in your works (e.g.: acrylic, ink¼) must be identified on each piece. You should also identify the size of the piece and provide a title. You must send your images as .jpeg files (300 dpi at 4 inches wide) on a CD or via e-mail to
  2. Please write an essay addressing one of the images you have provided. Explain how you created it; include what influenced you to make it and how it expresses your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Please provide the name and e-mail address for your art instructor letter of recommendation.